Governance & LSCs


USA Swimming's 2,800-plus clubs and 400,000-plus athletes are broken up regionally into 59 Local Swimming Committees who are responsible for governing swimming in their individual regions. As our arms into the communities, these LSC's play a major role in the governance of our sport across the nation.


For this reason, improving LSC effectiveness is a top priority of USA Swimming's headquarters. USA Swimming offers several programs, documents and other information to help our LSCs become as effective as possible as we all work together to build, promote and achieve.



The strategic planning process is a leadership and governance tool designed to improve the effectiveness of an organization. Success is achieved by creating a game plan that enables the organization to focus its energy, to coordinate the efforts of its members so that they are working toward the same goals, and to regularly assess the environment within which the organization operates.


Strategic planning makes it possible for an organization to think purposefully in order to shape the future rather than merely react to it. Strategic planning is, in essence a disciplined approach to decide what an organization is, what it does, and why it does it, with a focus on the future.  Read More



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