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10/7/2014  Go for Your Big, Scary Dreams
When a BIG dream first shows up on your doorstep, knocking and begging to be “let in,” your rational, thinking brain says, “Don’t be so silly and unrealistic! There’s no way that you could ever accomplish that! NEWSFLASH: Your initial self-doubts, fears and negative thoughts about reaching your big goal are normal and let you know that you’re actually headed in the right direction.

ABCs of Mental Training

12/26/2013  Z is for Zen Thinking
I am not a Zen Master by any means, but back in the day I read "Sacred Hoops" by Phil Jackson and got hooked on Zen philosophy. This article is not meant to be a lesson on Zen. The purpose of this article is to present an approach I sometimes take with clients who have trouble letting go of thoughts or accepting the challenges they face.

The ABCs of Mental Training

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A is for Anxiety
B is for Building Your Mindset
C is for Confidence
D is for Dedication
E is for Emotional Control
F is for Fear
G is for Goal Setting
H is for Having Fun
I is for Injuries
J is for Juggling Everything
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