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SwimToday is a first-of-its-kind marketing collaboration within the swimming industry. It is a joint, industry effort created to promote and grow participation in the sport of swimming. The campaign is led by USA Swimming, Arena USA, Speedo USA and TYR Sport, with additional support from the following aquatic organizations: American Swimming Coaches Association, National Swimming Pool Foundation, U.S. Masters Swimming, Colorado Time Systems, Swimming World magazine and TeamUnify. Creative support is provided by Colle+McVoy, a Minneapolis-based advertising agency. 

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Actress Emma Fuhrmann Talks About Her Love for the #FunnestSport

Given your busy schedule with your acting career, why have you chosen to stick with the sport?

It hasn’t been easy sticking with it, and unfortunately I’m not able to be on a year-round team — I can barely squeeze in a summer team if I’m not filming — but thankfully, Magic of Belle Isle and Blended were both filmed by either a pool or a lake, so I was able to get some sort of swimming in. 

I’ll also do laps in the pool if I’m at home. Even if it’s just a couple laps, it makes me feel better, because I feel like I got my workout in.

I just really enjoy swimming — it’s great exercise — and plus, I really enjoy being in the water. I could call myself a fish.

A lot of swimmers talk about swimming helping with time management skills. Has being involved with swimming helped you with your time management skills? How do you manage your time between swimming and acting?

Swimming has definitely helped with my time management skills. I swim in an outdoor pool so I am limited to summer months, and with my summer team, we typically workout in the morning. Knowing I’ll be working out in the morning helps me plan out the rest of my day around the swim... Read More.

Mom Shares How Swimming Changed Her Son's Life

Parents of swimmers overwhelmingly agree swimming is the #funnestsport, but can the sport have a life-changing impact? 

Swim mom Regina Gudzinskas, emphatically says yes. She credits swimming with making a big splash in her son Dante’s struggle with ADHD. 

Like many parents, swimming initially entered Regina’s consciousness as a safety precaution. After overcoming apprehension about how Dante would react to this new experience, she enrolled her son in a local central Florida YMCA learn-to-swim program when he turned eight. 

“At first it was difficult, of course. But the local YMCA had a great program with excellent coaches and those relationships really helped Dante become comfortable in the water,” Regina explained... Read More

Actor Scott Speedman on How Swimming Shaped Who He is Today

What was your best event?

I was a long distance swimmer, I always enjoyed the 1500-meter free but really came to like the 400-meter free as well. I think if I stuck with swimming longer I would have competed in more mid-distance events. 

What is your favorite memory from swimming on the Junior National Team?

My favorite memory was simply joining the team; I really had no idea I was in the running to be on the team! I remember after an event... Read More.

Former Colligiate Swimmer and Comedy Central Star, Anders Holm Talks Swimming

How old when you started swimming? 

I was thrown in the pool when I was five thanks to my two older brothers who swam on a local team. It was like free baby-sitting for my parents, so it worked well to have the whole family swimming.

Why do you think that 80% of parents don’t consider swimming as a youth sport to enroll their kids in? What would you say to parents?

Like any sport you get a degree of discipline and the kid gets to be a part of something. But there are two things about swimming that a parent should note... Read more.

Swimmers and Coaches Talk About Teamwork

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