How to Deal with the Elements Like a National Teamer
As you’re probably aware, weather conditions at the Pan Pacific Championships in Australia were not ideal for a swim meet. It was rainy; it was windy; and it was cold. In the weeks following the meet, the most frequent question I’ve been asked is, “How did everyone deal with those conditions?”
Mike's Mailbag: Plight of the Zombie Swimmer
Dear Mike: Just recently I’ve started swimming on a USA Swimming club. In the past, I’ve always been able to stay on top of my schoolwork and keep up with it, but lately it’s been a bit challenging. I haven’t exactly been keeping up with work, and I struggle to finish it every night.
Ivy Martin: Coming into Her Own
Meteoric. That’s what Ivy Martin’s ascension through the U.S. swimming ranks has been like as of late.
Catching Up With Sara Nicponski
Even when she was one of the best breaststrokers in the world, Sara Nicponski never really felt like she belonged. Now that she’s had some time and distance from swimming competitively – having retired two years ago after 2012 Olympic Trials – she realizes that was never the case.
Colle+McVoy honored for its work on SwimToday
USA Swimming’s ad agency Colle+McVoy was honored with the 2014 OMMA Charity/Non-Profit Organizations Award for its work on the SwimToday campaign.