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All competing athletes at USA Swimming competitions are subject to drug testing conducted by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and FINA under the In-Competition Testing program. Contact Stacy Michael-Miller, USA Swimming Athlete Services Director, at 719.866.4962 for additional information.


Visit USADA's Anti-Doping 101 for detailed information on a variety of important topics for in-competition and out-of- competition testing. 




Per USADA's website: "Athletes will be notified if they are required to submit whereabouts information.  As outlined in the World Anti-Doping Code, International Standard for Testing & Investigations, and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) National Anti-Doping Policies, elite athletes who have been identified and notified that they are part of a USADA Registered Testing Pool are responsible for directly keeping USADA informed of their whereabouts. Athletes that have not been notified of their responsibility to submit whereabouts information, are not required to submit any whereabouts information, although can still be tested out-of-competition by USADA."



National Team members, athletes representing the US at certain international competitions, and athletes who meet the established requirements for FINA’s Registered Testing Pool (Swimmers ranked in the top 12 of each event in LCM, swimmers ranked in the top 8 in each event in SCM, swimmers ranked in the top 8 of the 10K World Cup, swimmers ranked in the top 8 of the Open Water Grand Prix, and swimmers who finished in the Top 3 at the last World Championships (5K, 10K, and 25K) or Olympic Games in the 10K)  are required to submit detailed “Quarterly Whereabouts Filings”. These athletes provide information including their living address, training location, training schedule, regularly scheduled activities schedule, competition schedule and travel schedule. 

While all USA Swimming athletes are eligible to be tested out of competition, athletes in the Registered Testing Pool will be tested regularly and at any time between the hours of  5am and 11pm daily. Athletes may be tested by USADA, FINA and WADA. 
Once an athlete has met the criteria to be added to the Registered Testing Pool for USADA or FINA they remain in the Registered Testing Pool until they no longer meet the established criteria, or they officially retire.  Athletes will receive notification from USA Swimming and USADA when they are added to, or removed from, the Registered Testing Pool


Visit USADA's website for detailed information regarding reporting requirements, Whereabouts Failures, and additional information. 


Returning from Retirement

Please be informed that all former world-ranked swimmers, and athletes who were subject to out-of-competition doping control and officially retired, who would like to come out of retirement to return to competition (domestic or international), must subject themselves to the FINA, WADA and USADA out-of-competition doping control programs for a period of six months before they can compete in ANY USA Swimming sanctioned or FINA sanctioned competition.  This includes local competitions all the way up through National competitions (including meets with a dual sanction from Masters and USA Swimming). 

If you are aware of any swimmers who are in this situation, please advise them to contact our Athlete Services Director, Stacy Michael-Miller, to obtain the information necessary to comply with this requirement.

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